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Automatically patch your open source software even with breaking changes.

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Why care about EOL open source dependencies? > Unknown Unknown EOL OSS are security black boxes. Their vulnerabilities are not well researched but nevertheless exploited. > No Patches EOL OSS have no more security patches. This severly limits your response during an incident. > Best Practice Good EOL management is good vulnerability management. It is a practice advocated by
PCI , NIST , and OWASP .
PCI DSS 4.0 requirement 12.3.4 requires an active EOL software management program with remediation plans in place starting 3/31/25.
NIST SSDF PW.4.1 and PW.4.4 strongly advises against the use of EOL software in your software supply chain.
OWASP Top 10 A:06 strongly recommends against the use of EOL and outdated software.

Identify Risks

Continuously monitor for risky outdated and unmaintained open source packages in your supply chain.

Half Your MTTR

Automatically upgrade and patch your outdated open sources software even with breaking changes.

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