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Update or replace your open source packages automatically with an AI agent.

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Why do you care about EOL? > Unknown Unknown EOL software are security black boxes. Their vulnerabilities are rarely identified and security patches never issued. > Best Practice Good EOL management is good vulnerability management. It is a practice advocated by
PCI , FedRAMP , NIST , and OWASP .
> Reacting Is Not An Option Remediating EOL issues is time intensive as upgrades or replacements are complex operations. Being reactive is not an option.
PCI DSS 4.0 requirement 12.3.4 requires an active EOL software management program with remediation plans in place starting 3/31/25.
FedRAMP Medium and High Impact Levels do not allow for the use of EOL software within the FedRAMP environment.
NIST SSDF PW.4.1 and PW.4.4 strongly advises against the use of EOL software in your software supply chain.
OWASP Top 10 A:06 strongly recommends against the use of EOL and outdated software.


Full visibility into your open source dependencies so you are confident that there are no blind spots to your EOL posture.


Prioritize the riskiest EOL and unmaintained open source packages flipping the script from reactive to proactive.


Keep your open source dependencies up-to-date without an engineering tax with automatically generated pull requests that fixes breaking changes.


Tell a story to your leadership team on the trends and ROI of closing the EOL attack vectors.

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Xeol's EOL scanner is open-source under an Apache 2 license. We charge for the Xeol dashboard only after you have seen value.

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