EOL Adobe ColdFusion > 2023 federal agency breach.
EOL Apache Struts > 2017 Equifax data breach.
EOL Windows systems > WannaCry.

EOL software are neglected by their publishers but not by the attackers.

Our sole mission is to help enterprises close their EOL software attack vector. From their outdated operating systems to their unmaintained open source packages.




ShiHan Wan

Prev: Ada, Electric, CIBC, IBM.

Benji Visser

Prev: Datadog, TD Bank, TELUS, CGI.


Zaran Lalvani

Prev: Knewton, Rent The Runway, Electric.

Advisors and Board

Michael Brown

Lead investor. Prev: Director of DIU (DoD), CEO of Symantec, CEO of Quantum (NASDAQ: QMCO).


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